custody attorney-Child Attorney


custody attorney-Child Attorney

A child custody attorney practices portions of domestic law pertaining to the kids of a family. Who raises them is an important consideration and one that will affect how their lives turn out. There are different choices such as sole custody and joint custody. Sometimes a dad is the custodial parent; other times it’s the mom or even aunt or grandparents. Visitation schedules may be mandated as well. In certain situations, a parent will be denied visitation or the courts may state that the visits must be supervised by a court official. This usually occurs if there is a threat to the children’s safety or well being. The amount of support money that is awarded is also crucial to the children’s future success. It takes a lot of money to raise a child. Recent estimates arrived at by the USDA showed that it takes more than $250,000 to raise a baby till he or she grows into a teenager. If the kid goes to college, that is an additional expense of top of the $250K. Here are some expenses to think about.

Housing: Housing costs include their place of residence in a house, apartment, mobile home or condo. It also includes their furnishings such as crib, beds, dressers, toy boxes, and the utilities such as heat, AC and lighting.

Food: Food for a growing tot could start out with formula, teething biscuits and evolve into McDonald, family dinners of spaghetti, pot roast, fruits, veggies and of course, school lunches.

Clothing: A

child grows throughout the years so new clothes in different sizes will be necessary. Even frugal shoppers will agree that it takes a lot of cash to keep Junior in the correct sized shoes and jeans.

Transportation: Gasoline and vehicles are required to get these youngsters around to school, appointments and play dates.

Child care: Day care costs can be astronomical to tend to young children when their parents are working. The younger the kids, the higher the price tag often is because of staff ratio.

Education: Even if kids go to public schools, there are expenses that come up for athletic participation, music lessons, summer camps, art classes and before and after school care for working parents.

Health care: Medical and dental insurance are pricey but without it, health care costs can go through the ceiling. Immunizations, well child checks, antibiotics and orthodontia all add up.

Entertainment: Movies, books, roller skating, bowling, birthday parties, and more are part of a happy childhood and they all cost money.

Miscellaneous: Grooming products, haircuts, and other personal care items add up, too.

When the courts are determining who should raise the child, they take a look at the situation and try to provide the best for the growing boy or girl. The most advantageous situation is when custody is shared between loving parents and grandparents. Respect between moms, dads and all relatives will set a good example for the child. A child custody attorney can legally advise clients and guide them through the process.

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