Tips for buying a car

Tips for buying a car Some basic steps that the buyer must consider when you want to buy a vehicle.The first thing to do as a buyer is to analyze if your income is sufficient to cover expenses and obligations demand a car: dues payments, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Hand with money and toy car isolated on white backgroundYou should also check fuel consumption, without forgetting that the higher the engine cylinder capacity and power consumption will be higher.Whether you, buy a new or used car search to accompany another person, preferably having good mechanical skills and trucks in general; do not discard any of their opinions, however insignificant it seems.

Take the time necessary to make finding your new or used car and is very critical. Check several options before making a decision and not be swayed by their anxiety or first impressions.

Look for easy marketing vehicles and preferably having representation in the country. Also, inquire if there is a good supply of spare parts for the selected car brand.

It is rational, not be pressured by the seller of the car with phrases like “make a decision soon I have another client waiting” or “promotion is just for this weekend.”Large companies will provide more confidence regarding the quality of car you want to buy; however, ensure that the documents provided to it are current.Knows the value of the vehicle you have in mind, regardless of what the seller is asking.

Remember that the condition of the vehicle is determined by mileage, time, equipment levels, etc. Avoid deceptive game of sellers wanting to determine the value of the car based on how it is supposedly on the market.IF THE VEHICLE IS NEWAsk sheet and carefully examine it, and confróntela with the vehicle they are offering.Subscribe and keep a copy of the order form where you must clearly state the price, the color chosen, additional vehicle accessories and gifts that will be given, for example, tuition fees, accident insurance at no cost and scheduled reviews.

Note the approximate delivery date.Learn about the cost of the revisions to be made to the 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 and 20,000 kilometers, as these are part of maintenance. Remember that not all brands handled the same prices, and identical review cycles.You must submit, among other documents-the sales invoice, the manufacturer’s warranty, the driver’s manual and the technical specifications of the vehicle.

Upon receiving the car check all the items in the catalog or the delivery list. A record of what is pending to deliver or correct.IF THE VEHICLE IS USEDTo determine the value of the vehicle you are buying, you must consider the year, model and mileage must also look at the body, paint, upholstery and other parts of the car. Do not forget that every year the market value of the motor decreases.

He must be a complete expertise in a trusted site in order to detect potential problems.Remove throw rugs to check for moisture or corrosion on the floors. Check the springs and mechanism of the front seats and their backs.The state of the pedals also give an idea about the mileage and the driving style of the previous owner and wear the gear lever and rudder.

Become accompanied by your trusted mechanic to check the car has not suffered floods, fires, accidents or major repairs that the seller has defaulted in the history of car.If the mechanic finds repairs would have to do, consider them before signing, you will be an expense that will have to face after purchasing the vehicle.In the Pilot Plan Request certification that the vehicle no complaint for loss or robo.

Es advisable to get a certificate on their situation in the DGII, only costs RD $ 300.00. Is done with the copy of the registration, the drawback to this method of discovering once the purchase, the vehicle must purchase an opposition is avoided.If the vehicle is imported, check it out at Carfax, AutoCheck and Cadoar.

The legalization of the sale contract is made in the Attorney General’s Office and aims to certify that truly notarized signature of the notary public is putting its stamp.Transfer of tuition: Documents required for the transfer of the registration of a motor vehicle are notarized and legalized sales contract and a copy, a copy of the certificates of the seller and the buyer, original registration and a copy.

The vehicle has two (2) values, the sales contract and the price set by the Tax Administration, Internal Revenue considers the higher of the two to calculate the transfer tax.

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